Table of Contents

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Wanna know what the hell’s going on here, but don’t feel like scrolling all the way back to the beginning?
Here’s a table of contents that’ll make it a bit easier to navigate the story…

Report 1: A Late Arrival
Report 2: Why We Are Here
Upload: The Icke File
Report 3: Love and Blood
Report 4: Three-Biscuit RuleReport 14: Knives in the Dark
Report 5: Possum’s Last Ride
Report 6: The Door in the Mountain
Somnambulist Transmission 1: The Conversation
Report 7: Touched by the White Mirror World
Report 8: The Possession of Possum Reynolds
Report 9: The Wambli Waste
Report 10: Sex and Death at the Fat Beaver Inn
Somnambulist Transmission 2: The Black Mirror Brute
Report 11: Confronter of Enemies
Report 12: The Liar’s Path
Report 13: Tell Me About the Owls
Report 14: Knives in the Dark
Report 15: Out of the Frying Pan
Report 16: Weird Magnetism
Report 17: A Brief Encounter
Report 18: His Heart’s Desire
Report 19: The Clown
Somnambulist Transmission 3: Owls and Snakes
Photo Report 1: The Many Heads of Cecil Murden
Report 20: Oscar and Cecil
Report 21: Many Voices
28: Night on Mount Pannawau
Emergency Report: Night Journey
30: Hearts Full of Fire
Emergency Report: On Patrol
32: Heads Full of Light
Somnambulist Transmission 4: Death and Sorrow
34: Harsh Truths
35: Come the Dawn
Report 22: The Morning After



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