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What’s All This, Then?

Reports From the Field is the story of Clint Matthews, Secret Agent X-23, who’s been called in to Pannawau County, Colorado, to investigate a mystery of an uncanny nature: a local boy was found ritually murdered on the side of Mount Pannawau, his girlfriend’s severed finger stuffed into his mouth. As the case develops, X-23 encounters ancient secrets, colorful locals, owl-headed men, monsters from beyond, and a tiny bird-faced man. Nothing and no one is quite what it seems, including Our Hero himself…


More generally, Reports From the Field is a weird fiction blog. Which is to say, it’s concerned with inexplicable creepy things. It’s also, hopefully, at least a little bit funny. It is to me, anyway. Your mileage may vary.

My influences here are painfully apparent, HP Lovecraft and David Lynch chief among them. But there’s a little Tom Waits and Robert Anton Wilson in there, too, along with some bizarre folklore, things borrowed from UFO culture, and anything else I could steal from a childhood spent watching Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of

It’s also something of a writing experiment. I’m a sprinter, writing-wise, best in short bursts of prose that are perfect for essay and review writing, but not so much for anything with a plot. It’s great for creating mood and tone, though, so that’s primarily what I’m shooting for here: short mood pieces that, when strung together, tell a story. But it’s my hope that each post also offers something satisfying unto itself: a creepy moment, an unsettling mood, a tiny character study, a strangely enthusiastic discussion of the things my narrator has eaten… Something.

In addition to the longer story being told in the main blog posts, I’m also telling more focused stories in the comments section. These began under the guise of “amusing fishing anecdotes,” but they’ve come to be connected more and more to the main story being told in the blog. That story’s come to overshadow my “short bursts of prose” approach a bit, too, as time’s gone on. Which surprises me more than anyone. Looks like I’ve got some long-form storytelling in me, after all…


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