Report 24: Not Nearly Enough


The report from the doctor who examined Alexandra Melmoth doesn’t sound good.

By the time I got to him, Luke Pallaton was already tending to the doctor’s injuries. Cleaning the blood from the man’s genitalia revealed two puncture wounds at the base of his penis, and a rash forming on his testicles. Pallaton administered anti-venom, but it didn’t do any good. The rash worsened rapidly, the doctor’s sac swiftly puckering up in a mass of sores that wept in watery black. And where the black spread, so did the rash, down into the soft tissues of the anus and spreading across the thighs.

All of this in under five minutes, at which point Pallaton rushed the doctor out in search of what he called “more expert spiritual care.” The venom of gods was beyond him.

The search for Alexandra didn’t go well, either. We didn’t find her anywhere on the grounds of Ranger HQ, or anywhere nearby. So we returned to the building to organize a broader search, and while Cheveyo made the necessary phone calls, I went to the examination room to figure out what happened. The doctor, an Alo tribal practitioner by the name of Kachina, had thankfully recorded the session, a transcript of which follows.


Kachina: Commencing examination of prisoner Alexandra Melmoth, at request of Captain Cheveyo. This will be a general examination of the patient, with particular attention paid to a possible shoulder injury, and… it says here… the teeth. Huh. Now I’m a dentist.

Alexandra: It’s fine. I’m sure the Captain has his reasons.

Kachina: Alright, then. Let’s take care of the teeth first. Smile real big for me, okay?
(clattering of instruments)
(light tapping)
Look fine to me. Any idea why he wanted your teeth looked at, Miss?

Alexandra: Not… exactly.

Kachina: Well, I’m satisfied if you are. Now, if you’ll step behind the curtain there and disrobe, we’ll get on with the examination.

Alexandra (a pause): …Alright.

Kachina: Examination of teeth complete. They show no signs of damage or irregularity. Clean pearly whites. Wonders of modern dentistry. Commencing physical as soon as patient has… disrobed… Oh, my.

Alexandra: Doctor?

Kachina: Yes. Yes, well. Just sit up here, Miss.
(clattering of instruments)
Ahem. Now. Stick out your tongue…

Alexandra: Aaaaahhh…

Kachina: No need to say aah, just… Well. Well, that’s odd.

Alexandra (muffled): Wha?

Kachina: Patient’s canines appear enlarged, and the back of her throat… Say aah again, please, til I tell you to stop.

Alexandra: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…

Kachina: Stop. Patient’s throat shows unusual degree of muscular flexibility, enlarging to… Well, I’d have to measure it. But larger than normal human capacity.

Alexandra (small chuckle): I should have mentioned my lack of gag reflex.

Kachina: I see. That’s… Well, that’s a very unique throat you have.

Alexandra (teasing): All the boys say so.

Kachina: Ahem. Well. Let’s have a look at… at that shoulder.

Alexandra: That’s not my shoulder you’re looking at, Doctor.

Kachina: Just trying to ascertain… any damage to… connective tissues.
Now, which shoulder was it you injured, Miss?

Alexandra: I don’t remember, exactly. Let me see…

Kachina: Stop that.

Alexandra: Stop what?

Kachina: Stop stretching. It’s… distracting.

Alexandra: Sorry, Doctor. I’m just trying to see if my shoulder hurts.

Kachina: Well… Well, does it?

Alexandra: Not really. But… Something doesn’t feel right, on the left side. Here. Feel here.

Kachina: Here?

Alexandra (sharp intake of breath): Yes. Yes, right there. Now, let me rotate it, and…

Kachina: Miss Melmoth, please take your hand off my shoulder.

Alexandra (low): Does it bother you?

Kachina: Yes.

Alexandra: Liar. But, fine. If you don’t like it there, maybe a little lower…

Kachina (voice strained): Miss Melmoth, that’s… That’s enough.

Alexandra: Oh, it’s not nearly enough. Not nearly…

(wet kissing sounds)
(sharp intake of breath)

Kachina: Please… stop…

Alexandra (voice thick, deeper): No…

(shuffling, bumping, sliding zipper)
(more wet noises, moaning, hissing)

Kachina (weakly): Wait…

Alexandra (angry, voice transformed, barely recognizable): You know you want it! Now sit down and let me give it to you!

(more bumping, moaning, hissing, wetness)

Kachina: Ah… ah… ah… AAGH!

(wet sucking and a deep, muffled chuckle)
(spitting noise, shuffling)

Alexandra (distracted tone): …god, I need a man…


Some noises follow that we assume are the sound of Alexandra getting dressed, jimmying the lock on the window, and crawling out.

Her behavior here is distressing, to say the least. I saw something similar when I visited her in the hospital, of course, this sexual predation without full Yig manifestation. But this happened without influence of the Osceola, with no more inspiration than a bit of nudity and a hint of attraction from her victim.

Cheveyo says that he saw no inkling of this behavior when he brought her in. She seemed compliant and scared. Almost relieved, in fact, to be in custody. It’s the only reason he left her alone with the doctor, though I do wonder how much her strange magnetism may have affected that decision. She can’t seem to turn it off.

Obviously, her condition is extremely volatile. Whatever happened to her at the lake… whatever she left behind… has changed her. Will it still take the trauma of death to release Yig inside her at this point? Or will finding whatever satisfaction she craves have the same effect? Either way, she’s on the loose, and presumably looking for more victims. We’ve alerted Sheriff Patton, and issued an APB. I just hope we can find her, and that I can get her to eat the Wanageeska hot dog, before she takes another victim.

– Agent X-23, signing off.


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One response to “Report 24: Not Nearly Enough

  • Mark Brett

    Clint, you’ve got to bring that girl in! Bring her in, or kill her. Try it the Wanageeska’s way first, by all means. But now that she’s out looking for love? You’ve got to be ready for the other way, too. I don’t need to tell you what a full-bore Yig manifestation would mean out there.

    And since that’s the only insight into the case I’ve got for you right now, I suppose I should be getting back to Danforth’s story. Now, I think I got to the end of his history lesson last time. So next, he finally got the point: his first meeting with Curry…


    “I was a decade into my practice before I met Jackson Curry personally. My crusade to clean up the freak shows had, by this time, garnered some degree of national attention, my reputation leading the wags in the yellow press of the day to label me ‘Doctor Freak.’ I hadn’t let on as to the true nature of many of the performers, of course. The Hidden World wished to remain hidden, and I saw no need to go dragging it into the light. Indeed, I saw the danger in it. The potential for witch hunts or, worse still, social chaos. Even today, we see the small-minded retreating into superstition and barbarism in the face of that dreadful truth that humanity may not be the most beloved of God’s creatures. Imagine how much worse it would have been then, before we’d even split the atom, or visited the moon. So I let the monsters remain hidden behind their prosaic facades of birth defect and genetic aberration.

    “Not so Jackson Curry. In the intervening years, he’d grown weary of dealing with greedy, unappreciative carnies. They didn’t understand the glory, the grandeur, of the creatures he found for them. Didn’t treat them well. So he went into business for himself. ‘Curry’s World of Wonder,’ he called his show. On the surface, it was no better than most of the travelling carnivals of its day. The primary difference was that there were no gaffes. No fakes. If he advertised a Vulture Girl, it wasn’t just some poor soul born with deformed hands. It was a genuine carrion-eating bird-woman that he’d hunted down off some god-forsaken desert cliff somewhere.

    “I took an interest, of course. I had developed a rather strong dislike for Curry in my years of aiding the poor benighted creatures he’d supplied to the other carnivals, so when word of his personal show reached me, I had to investigate. My reputation had preceded me, however, so I did not receive a warm welcome. I was given the run-around by a series of increasingly-surly roustabouts, each of whom directed me to speak with a clown named Doodle. This did little to improve my demeanor.

    “I refused to seek out this clown they directed me to, which as it turned out was a rather grave error. I might have saved everyone a great deal of heartache if I’d just done as I was told. Instead, I lurked around the carnival grounds, trying to get a look at the conditions Curry’s attractions were living under. Not an easy task, I assure you. Carnival folk are a secretive bunch, in general, and Curry’s even moreso. He also kept the… inhuman performers carefully under wraps during operating hours. If the rubes were going to see his freaks, they were going to pay for the privilege.

    “Eventually, my temper rising with each hour I spent in frustrated search of evidence, I found myself reduced to being one of those rubes, standing in front of the freak tent, waiting to pay my dime for a peek at the Wonders promised on the sign. That was where I first laid eyes on Curry. While his staff ran the rides and attractions on the midway, he served as the barker for the main event, the tour guide and master of ceremonies for the World of Wonder itself.

    “He was, as you might imagine, quite good at it. So good, in fact, that his spiel was immortalized in the advanced medium of radio. I have a recording, if you’d like to hear it…?

    “Excellent! I thought you might…

    “I ran across this particular recording at a flea market down in Georgia. An old vinyl record. ‘Sounds of the Carnival,’ it’s called. A sound effects record. Mostly calliope music and bells going off. I very nearly walked past it, but then something caught my eye on the cover: it was a full color photo of the entrance to Curry’s World of Wonder. Such a rarity! I’d have bought it for that alone, but upon perusing the track listing I discovered that the compilers had included speeches from several well-known ringmasters and barkers, Curry among them.

    “Best twenty-five cents I ever spent. Now. Here we are…”

    Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, come one come all, to see the greatest collection of freaks and oddities the world has ever known! Our freaks have entertained the crowned heads of Europe, ladies and gentlemen, and tonight they’re here to entertain YOU!

    Just one thin dime, ladies and gentlemen, one thin dime, to pass through this unassuming tent behind me, and experience things the likes of which you will never see again! Enter the World of Wonder, and you’ll see!

    The Fire-Breathing Man! His name tells the story!

    The Bearded Lady! (She’s the only gal you ain’t gotta ask if the carpet matches the curtains!)

    Also! The Jones Boys! The Shortest! Tallest! Fattest! And Skinniest men! On Earth! They’re all brothers in the eyes of God, ladies and gentlemen!

    But those amazing acts are merely the warm-up! Attractions fit for the weak of heart! If, however, you dare continue into our Inner Sanctum… Well… Then you’ll get to see the strong stuff! Acts guaranteed to make your blood run cold! Women have been known to faint, and men to need a new set of drawers! Enter, and see!

    BILLY! The Psychic Fetus! He’s got two heads, ladies and gentlemen, and both of ’em can read your mind!

    DEEP JOE! Half-man, half-fish! And AAAALLL muscle! You see, Deep Joe is not only a biological anomaly, ladies and gentlemen, but also a practicing strong man! His appearance will repulse you, and his amazing feats of strength will fill you with wonder!

    Moving right along, you’ll see the amazing Jenny Green, better-known the world-over as… THE VULTURE GIRL! Jenny is not a normal human woman, but a hideous creature of the unknown! A carrion bird on two legs!

    And finally! If you haven’t already run screaming into the night! You’ll see the most horrifying creature I have ever encountered!

    THE SPAWN OF YIG ! Half-man, half-snake! I found this beast in the desert wilds of our own American Southwest. There, the degenerate natives of that region worshiped him as a god. But I caught him! Tamed him! And brought him here for your edification and amusement tonight!

    That’s one thin dime, ladies and gentlemen! One thin dime, and you’ll see sights you’ll be describing to your grandchildren! So step right up! Step right up, and be amazed!


    Clint, I’ve got to go. Simmons just buzzed me about a project he’s been working on. Time for me to inspect the final product. More next time.

    — Chief Bill Roberts, signing off.

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