Photo-Report 1: The Many Heads of Cecil Murden

Denise here, Chief. Or Simmons. Or whoever’s reading this. We’ve just returned from dinner with Cecil Murden. Interesting guy. Don’t like him. You’ll get our full report in the morning. But first, I thought I’d upload this photo he gave us. He claims that, other than himself, this is all that remains of his final expedition for Oscar Melmoth:

Shrunken Heads

Ignore for a minute how unlikely it is that this photo was taken in 1970 like he claims, and look closely at the writing down the right hand side. That’s not a script either of us can identify, but X-23 has a feeling it’s one of the pre-human alphabets from the Black Lexicon. Check it out for us, will you? If the old man’s not hoaxing us, it could be important.

— Denise, signing off.


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One response to “Photo-Report 1: The Many Heads of Cecil Murden

  • Mark Brett

    Simmons here, Denise. At a glance, I’d say that X-23 is correct. That does look like a pre-human script. Not Yithian. I’m as fluent as a human can be in that without having actually been possessed. But it’s something early. Something I can’t quite put my finger on. I’ll dig a bit, and get back to you.

    — Library-Captain Algernon Simmons, signing off.

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